Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's a ...?

Ricky and I are thrilled about our upcoming baby due December 14th! Since finding out we were expecting, we went back and forth deciding whether or not to find out the sex of our baby. I was fine not knowing. The thought of being suprised on delivery day was very exciting to me, but Ricky wimped out on me and said he couldn't stand to wait. So we made the decision to find out. Since we set our hearts on finding out, the closer the day came the more excited I got. Well, we went to have the big ultrasound yesterday to determine the sex of the baby but much to our dismay we left undetermined. They could not be certain enough to confidently make the call. What a downer! We left with such an empty feeling. Our doctor did not perform the ultrasound, we went to the radiology clinic. When I saw my doctor this morning he could not make the call just by looking at the pictures but he is going to be gracious and let us do another ultrasound in the office my next visit - IN A MONTH, AH! We got home and Ricky says, "so should we just not find out now"?, and I without hesitation reply, "what? No! Now I have to know." What just happened here? I'm confused, my hormones cannot handle all this indecisivness! I'll get a grip and be patient and check back in a month with hopfully - It's a boy!, or It's a girl! Until next time, It's a Baby!

"what she says"

July~ Ask Leigh how old she is and she will simply reply, "two August."
Ask Leigh what her name is and she will simply reply"two August."
Say hello to Leigh and she will greet you with, "two August!"
Needless to say Leigh will be two August 10th!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Planting Tulips"

Let me share with you. I do not have a garden. I've never actually planted tulips, nor do I even know if I have a green thumb. What I do know is that I aspire to always be "planting tulips" in every area of my life. In work or play, with family or friends, in marriage or raising my children, I pray the tulips will always be blooming. TULIP is an acronym for the Doctrines of Grace. They are five points supported by the scriptures to explain who God is and who I am in Him.

"These five points are still at the heart of Biblical theology. They are not unimportant. Where we stand on these things deeply affects our view of God, man, salvation, the atonement, regeneration, assurance, worship, and missions... 1. We experience first our depravity and need of salvation. 2. Then we experience the irresistable grace of God leading us toward faith. 3. Then we trust the sufficiency of the atoning death of Christ for our sins. 4. Then we discover that behind the work of God to atone for our sins and bring us to faith was the unconditional election of God. 5. And finally we rest in His electing grace to give us the strength and will to persevere to the end." - John Piper (see http://www.desiringgod.org/ Resource Library, Article by Date - 1985)

By God's grace and His soverignty, I am called. Because of this I pray to always praise Him and make Him known, giving Him glory through my relationships, raising my children, daily activities, and in my own heart. So if I am cleaning, scrapbooking, shopping, cooking, spending time with family and friends, or disiplining my children, may I always be planting tulips!