Monday, June 28, 2010

A few Updates!

We are doing well, just busy! The summer is full and hot! Here are few of our sweet little moments and highlights of the summer!

Avery and Leigh started Gymnastics for the summer and this is Avery's first time. I think she was too excited because she could hardly sit still and I chased her all over the place.

We couldn't start the summer off without Avery taking another trip to get stitches (the clinic this time) after an encounter with the corner of the couch. It's Avery in our family, who is it in yours?
Titus is as active as ever! He just tonight let go and stood for a few seconds on his own - I feel the nightmare of me just running forever after my kids coming on! You know, the one where you run like crazy to catch your kids but you can never catch them and they are just laughing at you? - you never have those? I guess its just me! :)
These are my most favorite moments!
My precious neice Bailey had her 6th birthday at my house. She had a Tinkerbelle birthday and my sister made it so sweet and special! All her kiddos were at my house that week for VBS! It was a fun week!
Aren't these cupcakes so cute! Andrea made them and the kids loved them! The girls couldn't stop talking about which one they were going to eat.
Silly little cousins! They just love each other!
The crew of little ones, minus Titus! Bo, Ben, Bailey, Brady, Leigh, and Avery
We went to celebrate the Baptism of little Pahten, my sister and her husband's foster baby. They have cared for her and loved her since she was 2 weeks old. She is now 4 months and the sweetest best baby!
The boy cousins. Aren't they handsome! Ben, Brady, Bo, and Titus.
The whole gang and sweet Emma in the middle!
The family at the Baptism minus my brother Mitchell who is in Afghanistan. Love you and miss you Mitch!
We are now getting ready for our big fourth of July weekend! Then we are off to Pine Cove! Have a fun summer and I hope to be back soon!