Thursday, June 26, 2008

Old but New cabinets!

We had fun painting our cabinets! I am pleased with the result! We just need to get the hardware on.

I love this one of Daddy and the girls! It was not staged which is why I love it so much, I don't think we could get the girls to pose like that again if we tried!! lol!

Here are some recent pictures of our family!

Where have I been?

Wow! I have not been a very good blogger!! We have been busy with lots! Well, namely a new baby and just lots of projects around the house. But thats no excuse right! Lets see how I can catch us up.

I can't believe that Avery will be 7months on July 10!! She is just the sweetest thing! We have been so blessed by her calm and sweet demenor. She really just smiles all the time. What a good baby! She is not sitting up yet but she is getting close and she still has no desire to be spoon fed. I try but she could care less. She is certainly not lacking anything with all the rolls and those chubby thighs, I love it!! She just loves Leigh and just watches every move she makes in awe! Leigh is a sweet sister most of the time but there is that occasional poke in the eye, pinch, or biting of the fingers when I'm not looking. Avery still seems to love her, Oh the bond and love of sisters!

Summer has begun and I can't believe next week is July. Ricky has begun to take over the duties of the pool and is doing a very good job. I was a little nervous seeing that he has never taken care of a pool and he seems to take on big things like this with gusto as if he knows excactly what to do. He always seems to come through though, I really shouldn't doubt him he's very smart. So we have been swimming alot and Leigh is a little berry just tan as can be.

We had wonderful neighbors move in next door this past October and we have really been enjoying them. They have a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old little girl who Leigh loves to play with. The kids go back and forth and I am really excited for the kids to grow up next door to each other! They have been swimming too.

Our 4th of July party will be at our house again this year and it is always so fun to see all our friends! We are packed to the hilt at our house with every room filled with guests, even our little laundry room has a twin blow up mattress for someone to sleep! Its so fun and so far there is no burn ban so we can shoot off fire works again!!

We have found a fun activity to do that Leigh loves and we get to have fun with other families and that is the "Bounce House"! Its really called "Jumping Party" but we call it the bounce house and that is a huge ware house here in Waco filled with blow up jumping things. The kids love it and us adults just get to hang out and talk while the kids are running around and jumping on inflatables!!

Ricky and I will be married 5 years coming up this July 26th! I can't believe that! We have certainly had our ups and downs but God has been so faithful to us. We are learning more and more about our own depravity and the condition of our hearts!! We are reading this great book (great for newly weds or wherever you are in marriage) called "When Sinners Say "I Do" by Dave Harvey. Its a great book on understanding our sin and how it effects every area of our life especially marriage. My favorite quote is "I am my biggest marital problem"! If each spouse truley felt that way and understood that their own sin was the biggest problem then it leaves no room for false expectations or pointing fingers. It has truely been a remarkable heart changing book for me!! I recommend it to all!

We also have painted our cabinets in the kitchen and that took quite a while just because it was a slow process with children around. We still need to put new hardware on and that will be done by next tues, before the guests come of course)!

Well, I need to get busy getting busy! This is my new beginning on keeping up my blog!! See you back soon!