Wednesday, August 29, 2007

John Piper's Bedtime Song

Tonight I visited one of my favorite sites posted on my blog under "Favorites" - I found that John Piper too has a blog that you can access from his website and I came across one of his acticles he wrote called "Talitha's Bedtime Song". John Piper sings this song to his only daughter every night. I enjoyed very much reading the short article and listening to the bedtime song! I love the words and was very much inspired to learn the tune and memorize the words so that I too can sing this song to my children. I can only imagine the wisdom and love for the Lord and for His word he has instilled in his children. I think he has much to offer for parents raising children and wanted to share this. He says, "I think we need to build in our children an absolute fearless confidence that God is for them when they trust in Him."
Click on BEDTIME to read and listen:
It really reminded me that my purpose in raising my children is to guide them and direct them to know, to love and to desire God.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Flip Flop!

Last week was a great week! My sweet sister kept Leigh for 3 days (along with her 4 other children, God bless her) and I was able to get so much done!! She suggested we switch out our girls for the week and let them play. She had Leigh Mon - Wed and I had Bailey Thur - Sat.
I had big plans for those three days to be as productive as I could. I honestly didn't know what to do with myself as I usually only have 2 hours during the day while Leigh takes a nap to be productive. That is if I don't take a nap myself or try to tackle the laundry. I was able to get my scrapbooking supplies organized and got a great headstart on Leigh's scrapbook! Yea!! My goal is to have her first year done before the baby comes, maybe more!!
In the mean time at my sister's house... Oh my little busy bee! Andrea had lots of stories to tell me every night as I checked up on her. Now, my Leigh is not a spiteful, mean, hateful little girl but if you take your eye off of her for much length of time that girl can make a mess in less time than it takes to say, "have yall seen Leigh?" I think my sister experienced this first hand. She poured sand from the sand box in her and Bailey's hair, she turned the water hose on and drenched herself with her clothes on, she dumped all the books out of the basket onto the floor multiple times (a regular occurance and my house), and she took all of Bailey's clothes out of her drawers! There's more but I can't remember them all. But I do know why we don't have a sand box! For the most part I think Leigh had a great time at Aunt Andie's house!
My turn was much less stressful I believe. I definetly have the better end of the deal. Bailey was a perfect little angel all three days, just so well behaved and she sits still at the table and she'll watch a movie. Bailey is 14 months older than Leigh and wow, is that a huge difference! They play great together but I sure hope that in a year Leigh can use up a little of that energy. It was a little more difficult with the two just because I couldn't keep my eye on Leigh the whole time. I think I am going to have my hands full when the baby comes! My mother says that I am paying for my raising but asures me that it will get easier.
Well, my week was great but now I'm back on duty 'keepin a look out' on my sweet little busy bee. But I already failed as I found her today under the table drinking more than half of my diet dr. pepper that I had just gotten at Sonic. Oh, the stories we'll tell!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Leigh's 2nd Birthday!

Leigh turned two August 10th! Now we are trying to teach her that she is just two, not "two August", or "two a little bit", or "two Friday", but "two years old!" She had a Curious George party or "Monkey George" as he is known in our house. Monkey George is definetly the favorite right now so of course he had to be the theme! She had a great birthday with lots of friends and family to surround her and spoil her with fun new toys! It was a full day of swimming, food and family! One of her favorite gifts is a tricycle given by Memaw and PaPa. She is getting better everyday trying to push the pedals without them getting away from her!

New Additions!

Yes, we found out! We had another sonogram that confirmed the baby's gender. We are having another girl and are absolutely thrilled! Her name is Avery Jane. It has been fun talking to Leigh and telling her who is in Mommy's tummy and that she has a sister. She of course does not quite understand but I think by December she will. Ricky and I have enjoyed entertaining the thought of another girl and how Leigh and Avery will be as sisters. One of the bedrooms in our house is somewhat bigger than the others with a bathroom so we foresee Leigh and Avery sharing that room together one day. I wonder if she will be as spunky as Leigh, maybe she will be my cuddle bug? Ricky was feeling a little outnumbered with soon to be four girls to one boy living in our house, (Mommy, Leigh, Avery, and our dog Campbell - then there is Daddy) so we went to Austin last week and got a new golden retriever puppy. His name is Bogey. Now Daddy has a companion, but I think he really likes having all his girls!