Monday, November 19, 2007

Yea!, last night Leigh slept all night!! She has been waking up 3-4 times a night for the last month and a half and usually ends up sleeping on the floor in our room. She then is awake about 6:15. I've heard this could be normal for her age but it sure has been difficult for us all. Maybe the Lord is preparing us for the new baby. Her bahavior has been effected during the day because she is so tired and we have been disiplining alot more lately! Maybe she sences some change? This has just been a difficult season and I'm afraid we are just getting started! I pray that the Lord will give me patience and all of us rest! I hope to report soon some baby news! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - I am so thankful that in spite of our lack of sleep we are all healthy and blessed! Thanks be to God for all His goodness to us!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Avery's Room!

I wanted to share a few pictures of the nursery! I love how things turned out! I'm not quite finished but we'll get there!! My mom helped me with the bedding and I found a great vintage dresser at a fun store here in Waco that was already painted the turqoise color. I also just recovered the bulletin board with some left over fabric from the bedding! How fun! I can't believe that the day is drawing near. I have already started dialating so she could come any day!!