Monday, November 24, 2008

Another one...

Ok seriously, I have to get up from this chair. My back hurts from sitting so long, I need to put the wet clothes in the dryer and fold the dry ones, make lunches for the girls and husband tomorrow, and try to get in bed at a decent hour but I keep finding great blogs! And do you know what is so discouraging - I know I haven't even explored the half of them :)!
I was blog hunting again and found this one, A Soft Place To Land. It was a great reminder to me of my calling as a wife and mother, it was actually very convicting after a hard frustrating day with my 3 year old. She is also very creative! Love the table cloth! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Favorite

I just wanted to share this great site that I found tonight. (Oh and by the way, I apologize that in an earlier post the links didn't work.) I enjoyed browsing through Free Hand Scraps. She has kits every month that you can buy and I think it is very reasonable for what you get! Also, what put the icing on the cake was clicking on her picture and reading more about her "Heidi", the creator of the website. I really like to know people's background and a little of where they came from. I think its is interesting and gives you an insight into their heart and passions. Not only did I like the site just by what I saw but knowing that she is a sister in Christ made it all the better! Praise God for the gifts and talents He gives us! Have a good one!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Here are a few pictures of the latest crafty things! Ricky and I had fun putting up this bulletin board/display board thingy in the play room. We got all the supplies at Home Depo and used a staple gun to assemble it before securing it to the wall! The total cost was probably $15. I think I may even cover the wood with fun scrapbook paper! Leigh loves to display her papers and art from school and now we have a place to put it!

Also, I made this little hanging pillow on a whim Sat. night. I had the itch to get out my sewing machine and play around with it! The front has a cross I very unprofessionaly sewed on and the back is burlap (I love burlap)! It makes me want to do more, I need the practice!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I love blogs!

One of my new favorite things to do is sit at the computer and surf through blogs. I go from one to the next and click on links from each one! There are so many creative and inspiring people out there! It makes me want to be one :)! I have some fun ideas for Christmas this year so maybe I will get around to them!

Here is one of my favorites: Today's Creative Blog

Check this out! I love the felt board craft! It is very doable and the choices of printouts are fun! I think this will be a homemade gift to the girls from mom!

Another favorite is: Ali Edwards

Enjoy and happy blog surfing!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Fun!

Trick or Treat!
This year we stayed home and went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood! It was lots of fun and Leigh loved it! You should see the candy! My mom's birthday is also on Halloween so we got to celebrate her birthday and have her with us to roam the street! Have a look at our little ladybugs!

Our front door.

Carving the pumpkins!

Halloween Party Day at school! Leigh came home with lots of goodies!

The highlight of Leigh's week is gymnastics and this week they had a parade at the beginning of class and everyone got to where their costume over their leotard! It was too cute!

These are the "pumpkin heads" (Leigh's words) that were at our neighbors house across the street!

Last week

We had a lot of fun and alot going on this past week. I saw an idea on Ali Edwards blog,, to capture and record what a week looks like in your life. She calls it "A week in the life" so I started Monday taking pictures of our daily routine and recording what we did at the end of the day. By the end of the week it did get a little difficult but I was determined to finish and it will be fun putting it together. It was a good week because it was full with my mom visiting and being here for Halloween and getting lots of pictures of the ladybugs, I mean the girls! My dad also came and remodeled out little half bathroom (which will look awesome after I paint it, my dad can do anything) and Ricky went hunting but sadly came back empty handed :(. Oh, and the Longhorns had a terrible weekend as they lost to the Tech Raiders (what a crazy game).
Some projects I hope to get finished before Christmas are painting the half bathroom (lots of painting involved) and re-painting and decorating our master bathroom! I will post pictures when I'm finished.