Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Wow! I don't think I have ever seen so much snow fall in all my life in Texas. We were home all day so it was so fun to watch it start and then cover the ground and then some by the end of the day. The girls and I made a snowman but when daddy got home he made our snow family! Go Dad! I am glad that it is gone though, maybe all the cold days melted along with it! I am in desperate need of summer days. Call me crazy but I would much rather be tan and sit by the pool in 100 degree weather!
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Titus has a buddy! He may not know it yet but he already has a great friend. How neat to have a buddy that you will not ever remember not knowing. This is Titus and our neighbors little boy Nash. We have such dear friends next door. The Lord blessed us when they moved in. I told Kim I was pregnant and she told me 3 weeks later she was expecting too! We shared our pregnant woes and now baby woes (although Nash is a really good boy so she just hears my woes now). It will be fun to watch them grow!

Some Rough Days

Leigh got a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago that resulted in throwing up once and then running to the bathroom multiple times a day for about a week. She was fine other than numerous potty breaks. We thought maybe all would be clear of this yucky bug, thats when Avery came down with it. Poor girl still wears a diaper so now she's got an awful rash. This is some kind of bug to be lasting a week with no other symptoms but the obvious. In the midst of all this we took Titus to the doctor for his 4 month, he's doing fine but I still informed her of his fussiness that we constantly deal with. She prescibed him zantac for possible reflux even though he doesn't spit up tons she said he could have "silent reflux". We tried the medicine for a week and things got progressively worse so after a horrible night of screaming and crying with no way to console him, I called the doctor to inform her this is not working. She told me to stop the zantac and prescribed me previcin (I think thats how you spell it). It has only been one day so we will see. He has also let us know that he does not like the carseat nor riding in the car. He screams from the time we leave until we get out and I feel oh so bad for Leigh and Avery riding right next to him. Yesterday was a really bad day. Avery was not able to go to MDO because she is still having yucky diapers so Titus, Avery and I went to pick Leigh up for school. As soon as I got home I began to feel really cold and then the chills set in and I was freezing with no way to get warm. I then stared shivering, like teeth chattering shivering. I began to feel weak and achy all over with a terrible headache. I could not even stand. I was supposed to get us ready to go to Leigh's basketball performance at half time of the Baylor Basketball game. Ricky's parents were coming down to watch and we were going to take them out for his dads birthday. Instead they had to come to the house and get the kids which meant not having time for dinner and I missed Leigh's performance. I stayed home in bed and now have the stomach bug.

Ricky got a picture of her giving the sic'em bears!

God's goodness through it all:
-Leigh had a great time and Ricky got it on video.
-Ricky's parents were with him to help with the kids so he wasn't by himself.
-Ricky got a good taste of how difficult my days are with Titus (a sore subject with us and me not feeling alot of support). He came home and truely apologized for not understanding and said he can see why I want to pull my hair out at times. This was a good time of forgiveness. He called a friend to see if their babysitter could come help me some during the week.
-I got some much need rest, even if it came in the form of sickness.
-I am feeling much better.
-Titus slept good last night.
-Ricky took off work today to help me with the kids and let me rest some more.

It was so nice to have him home. I love my husband and it made me wish he was around more often, we all enjoy his company.

Also, inspite of our rough days with T-man, my girls continue to show love towards him and each other. Leigh holds the pacifier in his mouth in the car if he will let her, she holds the bottle for him and talks to him. Avery takes the paci away sometimes but she always says at least 3 times in the car "wud a madder Tidus". Poor girls, I am so glad that God made kids so resilient.
I am thankful that all in all I do have a healthy baby and the only issue we may be dealing with right now is reflux but I will be glad when we can sigh a sigh of relief after this first year.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

How was your Day? We celebrated on sat. because Ricky's sister and brother-n-law came to visit and kept the kids for us! What a blessing! We went to On The Border, one of oue favorites! (If you like guacamole you should try their Gaucamole Live, they make it right in front of you and its scumptious.) I had flowers delivered at two different times. My brother, Sgt. Mitchell C. Bentley who is stationed in Afghanistan right now sent these to me.

And my sweet husband had these sent to me. I loved how simple and sweet they were!

Aren't these just ADORABLE! My mom made these tutu shirts for the girls. She is taking orders for easter and any other holiday or birthday you would like, just let me know!

Leigh's Valentine party was last thursday and she was so excited that I was coming. I don't usually get to go to her school parties because they are usually on fridays and Avery is not at MDO and having a two year old running around and a baby is almost impossible.
I hung up all the valentine papers she did at school in the kitchen on a ribbon like a clothes line and when she came home and found them this is what she said, "OH MOMMY THANK YOU, I LOVE IT. ITS BEAUTIFUL! I ALWAYS WANTED A VALENTINE STRING!" Needless to say she was excited. I never know with that girl! We then worked on her valentine cards.

Mrs. Dunlap and her class.

A little something for the girls on V. day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Avery's love of Shoes!

Actually, thats a bit contradicting. Avery doesn't like to where shoes or socks if we are going any where or if we are riding in the car. She takes them off so fast that I have learned to just wait until we arrive at our destination to put them on her. BUT, if we are at home, one of her favorite things to do is try on any and everybodys shoes matching or not and walk around saying "wook". And of course 99% of the time they are on the wrong feet. So, I have managed to capture a few pictures to remember these tiny little memories that make up a small part of Avery's life that are worth so much, if only to me :)!

Even Daddys socks!

and Titus'!