Monday, August 30, 2010


Leigh started kindergaten! She is loving every minute of it! Last week she got the reward for the "Best Rester" (they have a short rest time)! And this week she got to take home Franklin the turtle stuffed animal, the movie, and the book for the night! You should have seen her face when she got in the car and told me what was in the yellow school bus bag! This girl was made for kindergarten!

A new phase

Oh how behind I am on keeping the blog thing going! I think I am going to blame it on my 11month old who still doesn't sleep through the night, do you think that is good enough excuse? So much has taken place this summer, so many fun things with fun pictures but of course they are either just sitting nicely in a file labeld "my pictures" in the computer or in my camera. Here is a run down on what we have been up to with intentions of getting pictures to match that I may or may not get to. ( I really don't like being this way, totally goes against my wanting-to-accomplish-things nature, but it is what it is these days :)

-Got kids room switched, painted, decorated! I love them!
-Celebrated our big 4th of July tradition at our house again this year! Always fun! The fireworks show was best ever!
-We went to Pine Cove Family camp in Tyler, Tx for the second summer in a row! Loved it even better than last year, look forward to next year!
-Had 3rd annual girls weekend in Dallas! (All girls 18 yrs and older on my dads side of the family gettogether) What a blast! Saw great musical Granbury Live, in Granbury, TX. A must see if you are in the area.
-Leigh celebrated her 5th birthday with a treat to Build-A-Bear with her cousin Bailey and then an all girl swim party at our house. My little girl is growing up!
-My dad is working in San Antonio so my family and my sister and her family took a trip to Sea World. We all got a surprise visit from my brother who has been in Afghanistan for 6 months. He was waiting at the hotel for us when we got back from Sea World that evening. It was such a sweet time, we were not expecting him for another week!
-Spent the next week in Duncanville with my family and spending time with my brother!
He looks so good and slim! What a handsome man!
-LEIGH STARTED KINDERGARTEN THE NEXT WEEK! I can't believe it but she is in her second week of K! She loves it! I wasn't really sad or emotional to drop her off. I knew she would love it, I just felt really good about it. She has a great teacher and it has been nothing but great since the first day! I did get a little emotional though when I picked her up through the line and when she hopped in the car she looked at me and said with a hugh smile on her face, "don't cry momma kindergarten is cool!" I just knew she was in her element and it made me happy that she was so happy! It has been nice to have time with Avery and Titus too!
-The next weekend we went back to Dallas because Ricky's brother and his wife had their first baby, a little girl name Rachel Beth! What a tiny little bundle of sweetness! His cousin and highschool friend of mine who lives there had their first baby too, a little boy name Reid Aaron! They were two doors down from each other. It was a baby weekend!

I am enjoying the school routine and structure for now! Mother's Day Out starts tomorrow for Avery and Titus! Avery has been asking when she can go to school so I know she will love her "school" too! I look forward to getting alot of things done and accomplished ( like getting my hair done :) and finishing projects, maybe even keep up with the blog :)!!