Sunday, October 17, 2010

Suess on the Loose and Titus turns One!

We had a great Dr. Suess celebration for Titus' 1st birthday and we actually had a visit from the Cat in the Hat himself!

We love you Titus and have enjoyed who you have become so much! Your sisters love you and take care of you in small ways that I cherish like when you are crying Avery says, I'm wight here titus, I'm wight here" even if she is across the room, and Leigh likes to make you laugh by putting on her vampire teeth and when you do she does it over and over! You love your Daddy hands down and I think I love it the most when he comes home and you walk to him with your arms stretched out above your head saying, "Daee, Daee, Daee!" We love you little man!

We had Titus tested for food allergies and found out he is allegic to milk, eggs, and bananas. His celiac test came back normal but I'm still not convinced that he doesn't have a gluten intolerance so we are working on eating glutten free to see if there might be a difference in his sleeping. We'll let you know :)

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